Need some clever ideas for vegan gifts? I compiled a list of 13 sure to please vegan gift ideas that will put you on the best gift giver of the year award list!

13 sure to please vegan gift ideas that will put you on the best gift giver of the year award list!

1.A Delicious Nutritional Shake

It’s no secret that vegans are super into health and natural anything. That’s why these super tasty nutritional shakes are sure to hit the spot. Many vegans pine for a delicious protein shake since most taste…well…like grass. These are sure to win over any vegans heart! (The Chocolate Peanut Butter Madness is my personal fave. ;] )

You can shop these delicious shake here.

2.Moo Shoe’s Gift Card

Every vegan appreciates the opportunity to totally support the cause and the cruelty free movement of veganism.

A super easy way to please is to gift a simple gift card from a vegan shoe and accessory company!

Nothing pats a vegan on the back like supporting companies that are cruelty free and share their passion for the animals and environment!

Best part is that Moo Shoes is totally 100% vegan! They also have a super trendy and high quality line of women’s and men’s shoes! (YAY!)

You can shop their gift cards here!

3. Vegan Cuts Gift Boxes & Gift Stockings

Vegan Cuts has to be the most awesome vegan gifting resource ever made! It has the perfect answer to stocking stuffers, gift sets, and more! The best part is the options!

Whether you’re gifting to a foodie, dude, beauty lover, or yoga fanatic vegan cuts has the perfect gift sets pre-picked out for you! Less work = AWESOME!

On a budget? They even have a special shopping option for gifts $25 bucks and under!

You can shop for their perfect vegan gift bundles here.

4. Everyday Minerals Makeup & Cosmetics Line

Vegan or not we women all love cosmetics of some sort. Everyday Minerals offers a rare opportunity to find high quality and 100% vegan cosmetics. They have all sorts of options from lips, eyes, powders, and more!

The perfect vegan gift for the ladies that will guarantee a high five for awesome gifting! You can shop Everyday Minerals here.

5. Alternative Outfitters Gift Card for Fashionable Vegan Apparel

Another great vegan apparel company with super cute vegan wear is Alternative Outfitters! With options for men and women Alternative Outfitters is the perfect fit for couple gifting! Best part is the appreciation that comes from supporting a totally vegan for the right reasons company!

You can buy a gift card here.

6. 30 Piece Wei Of Chocolate Box…Or Make It A Subscription!

Oh my oh my…nothing says thank you and I love you forever like a box of organic Fair Trade and herbal infused chocolates. If you are on a seriously “I have no idea what the heck I’m going to gift this vegan” moment then look no further!

These chocolates are sure to please and YES they taste amazing!!! Wei Of Chocolate really knows how to make chocolate a divine and healthy experience! This gift is sure to please!

Want to really make this a gift that keeps on giving? Sign up for the subscription plan and have these decadent babies delivered every month to every other month!

Averaging between $12-$32 this is a perfectly priced vegan gift that will put you on the best gift giver of the year list!

You can buy this ridiculously delicious box of chocolate here.

7. Mini Juicer

Have you ever noticed how every vegan is obsessed with juicing? If only we could conveniently take our juicer everywhere with us…

And then the LEquip juicer was born! Don’t be deceived by this little guy! It’s got great reviews on Amazon! The perfect travel size juicer to take on trips, to work, or anywhere! This is a sure winner for the fellow vegan that’s always on the move!

You can purchase this awesome little juicer here for only $99 + FREE SHIP!

8. Mini Car Fridge/Warmer

If you haven’t noticed already we vegans are big on taking snacks and back up food with us everywhere. No seriously it’s like a vegan thing. Anyways, that’s why this mimi car fridge/warmer is a totally necessary and relevant vegan gift idea!

The perfect solution to having back up snacks and food for un-vegan friendly places or events! It’s also a super sweet way to keep your lunch the right temp! I hope I get one of these guys for Christmas!!!!

You can purchase this guy for only $36 here!

9. Vegan Branded Etsy Accessories

If you haven’t checked out Etsy’s vegan thangs then you are really missing out on some super cute and trendy vegan merch! Seriously who doesn’t love Etsy???

Etsy has soooo many awesome and totally vegan branded key chains, jewelry, clothing and more! It’s a affordable and unique way to find the perfect vegan gift!

You can check out Etsy’s super cute vegan branded accessories here!

10. Vegan Mugs

It’s no lie that vegans like to tell the whole world they are vegan. Vegan pride is seriously real! Why not puff it up some more with vegan statement mugs!?

Every vegan will appreciate the option to publicly display and advertise how they feel about animal rights, health, and the environment!

Cafe Press has a endless array of awesomely vegan cups and mugs for that very vocal vegan friend of yours here.

11. Veggie Spiralizer

A veggie spiralizer is a MUST HAVE for any vegan. If your vegan friend doesn’t already have this then they will love you forever for this perfect kitchen addition! I have this exact one and it is a breeze to use and clean PLUS it makes the most delicious weird vegan food!

You can purchase this for only $39.99 here.

12. Vegan Fitness Books

This is the perfect gift for your vegan fitness fanatic or beginner vegan friends and fam. It seems like all of my vegan friends are constantly doing meal plans and this is a new one that’s sure to kick their butt by the renown Ella Magers!

This isn’t your average crazy insane lemon juice cayenne water shrivel up and die meal plan either! This guide is sure to please with whole plant based food recipes and awesome guidance on how to lose weight in a healthy and natural way!

A seriously perfect gift for those of your friends thinking about going vegan but needing a meal plan!!!

You can purchase Ella’s new book here.

P.S. make sure you don’t gift this to someone that’s going to not appreciate a weight loss book LOL.

13. Wild Alaskan Artisan Teas

Simply put…ALL VEGANS LOVE TEA. I don’t know what it is about it but we do. We are tea fanatics!

That’s why you are sure to bring a smile with gifting not just any tea but exotic wild Alaskan teas! We vegans get goose bumps over exotic herbal teas.

I personally get mine from an awesome company called Empower Health LLC! They have the most wonderful and delicious wild cultivated Alaskan chaga and herbal teas!

A perfect stocking stuffer or gift for your fellow vegan friends and fam!

You can shop wild Alaskan teas here.

A Few Clever Gift Wrapping Ideas!

Want to put the icing on the cake? Check out these awesome and earthy gift wrapping ideas that are sure to impress here!

I know I didn’t include them all! What are some of your fav gifts that you have received or given that are vegan friendly?!