Twice Nobel prize winner Dr Linus Pauling said “you can trace every sickness, every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”

It seems like my whole life I have been taught about the importance of vitamins. Vitamins vitamins vitamins! Even in my college nutrition classes a major emphasis on vitamins seemed to be the star of maintaining good health and fighting off deficiency promoted illness and disease.
As I have increased my interest and knowledge of health and nutrition over the years there seems to be an interesting truth that has slowly surfaced behind the shadows of mainstream ideals. That truth is that vitamin deficiencies are not the greatest or only contributor to deficiency caused illness in “well fed” nations like the U.S. and Europe.
It is true that starving and impoverished countries and nations host a vast array of vitamin deficiencies in their populations. However, what is the risk for the rest of us? Are any kind of deficiencies causing diseases in civilized and “well fed” nations other than simply vitamins?

“Are any kind of deficiencies causing diseases in civilized and “well fed” nations other than simply vitamins?”

I had to dig a little deeper to find out some of the reasons why such a well fed nation is so poor in health. It is true that a host of environmental factors play a role in our lack of health such as: lack of exercise, refined foods, excessive sodium, toxic chemicals, and stress.

However, is there something else that is missing that is making us so much more susceptible to the negative impacts of these environmental issues? Something like a mineral deficiency? Perhaps…

What exactly are minerals…and where do they come from?

Minerals cannot be made by living things like humans because they are elements that originate in the soil. We uptake most of our minerals through our diets when we consume plants, and in lesser part animal products. Minerals can also be found in small parts in the water we drink.

When I began to take a look at the overall impact of minerals I was really astonished at how they affect almost every aspect of health and our bodily functions!

One of the greatest concerns was when I learned that we are getting significantly less minerals from our over processed and under nourished soil! Did you know that most modern farming uses fertilizers that only contain nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium?

“we are getting significantly less minerals from our over processed and under nourished soil!”

There are about 4000 recognized minerals and we are only supplementing our crops with three of them??? Even if we eat a 100% plant based diet the mineral content in food is much less now than in past years and is continually decreasing! Considering our bodies are vitally made of roughly 4% minerals this is very concerning news.

In 1992 the official report of the Rio Earth Summit determined “there is deep concern over continuing major declines in the mineral values in farm and range soils throughout the world.”

Their statement was based on data that showed that over the past 100 years average mineral levels in farming soils has fallen worldwide by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia, and 85% in North America.

“over the past 100 years average mineral levels in farming soils has fallen worldwide by 72% in Europe, 76% in Asia, and 85% in North America”

This is unbelievable…and sourced to continual farming with chemical fertilizers that are disturbingly mineral poor. That means that in the U.S. most crops only have 15% or less of the minerals that they had 123 years ago.

“…in the U.S. most crops only have 15% or less of the minerals that they had 123 years ago”

I immediately began to search for a way to naturally supplement our bodies with the vital minerals that we are not getting from our food. I didn’t want to buy into the supplement industries lab made, processed and down right questionable products either.

Was there a natural, easy, and all-in-one mineral source that I could rely on? That’s when I discovered the amazing capabilities of a rare mineral powerhouse mined out of the Colorado Delta called calcium montmorillonite clay (CMC)!

The more I researched this healing mineral source the more I was convinced that it is the perfect answer to making sure we all get enough minerals in our diets. CMC contains 100% of the nutrients essential to health with it’s stellar profile of 57 micro, macro, and essential trace minerals that naturally mineralize the body, and allow it to essentially balance its own pH levels.

Read about the benefits of each mineral in CMC here.

This mineral source is so powerful and perfect that NASA approved it for use by the astronauts in space! It’s also used and recommended by the renown Gerson Therapy as a powerful detoxifier and aid in the healing of cancer and other diseases.

Calcium Montmorillonite Clay vs. Bentonite

You may have already heard of, or currently be taking, a common clay called “Bentonite Clay.” Surprisingly there’s quite a big difference between Bentonite and Calcium Montmorillonite!

Bentonite clay is a more common and less pure form of clay that’s not 100% montmorillonite. This reduces its effectiveness as an detoxifier and re-mineralizer while increasing the potential grit factor in it’s texture. Some Bentonite clay is so impure that it is not deemed safe for human consumption!

Calcium montmorillonite clay on the other hand is virtually tasteless and texture-less! I’ve found that it’s actually quite delicious blended in fresh organic orange juice!

Here are 10 reasons (of thousands) why we need calcium montmorillonite clay minerals in our diets:

1. Natural Mineralizing Agent

Just some of the ways CMC acts as a complete mineralizing agent:

  • Supplies major elements and essential trace elements often lacking from our diets
  • Acts as a catalyst to play a primary role in metabolism and cell building
  • Regulates the permeability of cell membranes
  • Maintains H2O balance and osmotic pressure between internal/external environments
  • Influences the contractility of muscles
  • Regulates the response of each nerve cell to stimuli

2. Super Awesome Detoxifier

Pure calcium montmorillonite clay functions as an all-natural internal organic cleansing clay. Why? If you have ever played with a couple magnets then you know that opposite charges +/- attract to each other. So much so that they form a bond with each other.

Like two oppositely charged magnets stuck together, CMC binds with positively charged toxic particles in our bodies.

It just so happens that CMC naturally possesses a negative charge, while many common toxins caused by pollution, chemicals, pesticides and those that often cause chronic ailments, typically possess a positive charge.

As the clay draws in and attracts the positively charged toxins, the toxins become absorbed into the clay and removed from the body with defecation.

3. Minerals = Healthy Gums & Natural Teeth Whitening!

Teeth losing their luster? I thought it was super cool that CMC actually helps to whiten teeth naturally! Although the exact mechanism that causes this to happen is thought to be the highly absorbent calcium, it is also possibly connected to its anti-bacterial nature.

When mixed with water many people use CMC as a natural mouth wash, teeth whitener, and gum strengthener! It is also super handy as a natural eliminator of bad breath and halitosis due to its bacteria fighting powers!

4. Used by NASA astronauts in space against bone density loss

So pretty much anything that NASA uses in space has to be golden right? When I heard that they used this type of clay as a supplement to astronaut diets in space I had to know their motivation! Apparently astronauts were experiencing osteoporosis from extended stays in space.

NASA did a study on the best way to supplement calcium and prevent bone density loss in space. Their findings showed that CMC was by far the best source of absorbable calcium and thus eliminated the bone density loss while in space!

Read the original NASA issued study here

5. IBS and colitis relief with natural minerals

Another really interesting benefit of supplementing with CMC is it’s suppression of gastrointestinal issues like IBS and colitis. Currently, there is no research that definitively explains the causes of conditions like IBS.

It is thought that possible food sensitivities, bacterial imbalances, auto immune disorders, or CNS signal interruptions could be the culprit. One thing is for certain though, CMC helps to significantly treat symptoms of IBS and colitis as well as other gastrointestinal disturbances like diarrhea in many people!

It is thought that when the CMC purges toxins, balances pH, chelates, and restores needed minerals for gut tissue health it enables the IBS and colitis symptoms to be subdued! The science is not perfect, but the immense relief that consumers have had from taking the clay cannot be ignored.

6. Minerals are naturally antibacterial

I mentioned earlier that CMC’s negative charge enables it’s ability to combat malicious positively charged toxic particles in our bodies. This same science explains CMC’s ability to kick butt against nasty and harmful bacteria while leaving the good kind in harmony in our bodies. Why?

Did you know that most “bad” bacteria have a positive charge and our good gut bacteria are negatively charged? This charge difference enables the CMC to surround the bad bacteria and cut off it’s nutrient source where it is then killed by starvation or weakened.

It is then removed from the body through detoxification filters and eliminated from the body. Pretty awesome if you ask me!

7. Immune system boosters

We need a strong immune system to prevent us from getting sick. This system combats things like foreign pathogen overgrowth in our bodies. Unfortunately, our immune systems get weakened by things like stress, toxicity, deficiency, and pharmacological drugs.

Calcium montmorillonite clay is able to strengthen our immune systems defense by adding a extra coating of silica around our cells. This is possible because of CMC’s awesome silica oxide content! This silica barrier enables our cells to better resist invasion by viruses, bacteria, and pathogens.

CMC is also an insane mineral source that allows our bodies to be replenished with needed nutrients that we lack from our food due to poor soil quality. When our bodies have these key minerals for proper enzyme and cellular functions our bodies are better equip to resist diseases.

8. Reduces arthritis and joint pain

As an ex-skateboarder I was super excited to learn about the joint and arthritis relief that CMC offers!

CMC helps with arthritis and joint pain due to it’s silica oxides, calcium and many other trace minerals that help contribute to a smoother joint reaction. This Joint and bone strengthening lessens joint pain and enables the joints to move more freely.

Apparently a ton of people have noticed a huge improvement with CMC use. It is so effective that it is used for arthritis in pets and livestock as well!

9. Important for longevity and well being

When it’s all said and done I think most people would agree that all they care about is living a productive full life with optimal health. Well being is a priceless and precious feeling. One that many don’t realize until it is too late.

Fortunately, well being is largely within our control. Taking responsibility for our health may come at different times to different people, but the results of such usually reap immensely noticeable positive results.

That responsibility is partly to eat well, exercise, and rest up. This can be a challenge to demands that modern times offer us. As much as we try to do things the best we can there will always be the environmental issues that we cannot control.

Whether its poor soil nutrients and minerals, or toxicity in the products and foods we eat, we cannot completely be perfect faucets of health without the help of supplementation in many cases.

There are many forms and sources that this can come from. Consuming cold press organic juices, CMC, and eating a organic plant based diet can significantly help! I believe in keeping it pure, simple, and totally natural.

Calcium montmorillonite’s colorful and complete spectrum of minerals is one way you can become one step closer to a happy healthy and deficient free body! There just isn’t another single source that offers the mineral nutrient profile and health benefits of this wonderful gift from nature.

I personally use it as a clay mask, internal detoxifier, bath soak detox, mouth wash and internal body mineralizer. It has helped me feel better than I ever have in combination with a organic plant based diet! The brand I use is ION-min aka TERRAMIN clay. I think this is the purest source out there.

You can check out real peoples reviews on websites like Amazon and read about it on the Gerson Therapies website. The reviews are exceptional!

Have any of you used this wonderful clay? What has been your experience? I’d love to know how it has helped you guys!